Saturday, 28 May 2011

Where on Earth's my Needle?

Where on earth's my needle? ... I'm sure I put it there,
glanced away for just a tick - It isn't anywhere!
I've searched the sofa, searched the mat, it's driving me insane...
I've even checked the bloody cat, in case she is too blame.

There's always some diversion that stops me sewing thread,
The phone, my job, the postman calls...daydream in my head.
The dogs need walking, kids need food, husband's lost his keys,
I do these things & want to scream "Let me do my sewing PLEASE!

Inside my head's a catalogue - ideas not yet begun,
Add to that the pile of WIPs all hoping to get done...
Enough to keep me busy well into sometime next year.
But which year? (I often ask myself, it is my private fear.)

I am the Queen of putting off those things that must be done,
So easily distracted, it's simply not much fun.
I'm going to try so very hard .... Hey, Folksy - here I come...
But first I need my needle - I've found it... In my bum!!!

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