Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Serious Studio Envy

Don't we all dream of that perfect space? That crafty little haven that you can call your own, decorate as you wish, and in which you can unleash your creative side to it's full potential. Oh how I wish!

Just a brief little google search unearthed this little lovely - isn't it gorgeous? Highly recommended for a coffee break... type in sewing studio, sit back and enjoy. (take care though, or you could still be browsing at tea-time).

Trouble is, for most of us we simply don't have the space, therefore the studio of our dreams remains just that. Particularly in the UK, our homes simply don't have the space. Our creative genius is blighted by the restraints of family needs and that ever present stumbling block - budget.

However, given the opportunity I would grab it with both hands. Aside from my kitchen, the studio of my dreams would become the hub of my home.
What would I require: A light and airy room, a spacious desk in front of a window with a lovely view to aid contemplation. A large workstation space for machining and cutting out, and of course - storage space.... And lots of it.

My dream studio has a vast expanse of duck egg blue walls - the perfect colour as a backdrop for showcasing my glorious makes. The desk would be a shaker style chunk of loveliness.. I'm thinking a distressed paint finish, white with a hint of duck egg peeking through - and with heart shapes cut out as the drawer handles. The floor would be in natural slate laid in a random pattern of different sizes, with beautiful rag rugs to soften the look (handmade by myself of course). With floor to ceiling storage in white, there would be room against one wall to place a white wrought-iron daybed, on which to display my stunning quilts and cushions.... and upon which I could recline, soak in all the loveliness and pat myself on the back for being such a terrific creative genius.

Ringing any bells?

Just in case you're stumped for ideas, let's take a little peak at some glorious studios - and yes I can safely say I am more than a tad jealous. You lucky, lucky people.... These are simply marvellous:

This one... Oh sigh.... And please can I move in? Go on let me, let me...

Am loving the trimmings and ribbon storage here - neat, stylish and oh so pretty...

This one as it is so similar to my jumbled boho space...

This one is so beautiful I could weep...

As for the vintage charm of this little lovely... Marvellous - and would you have guessed it's part of a dolls house?

Look at the size or the worktable - I have to make do with the floor...

Tres Chic!

And this one is so fun and fresh - and so neat and tidy. Stunning simplicity.

What utterly wonderful rooms these all are. Dreamy loveliness.

One day, one day.........

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  1. Oh the delights! I'm hoping to have realised my craft room dreams very soon indeed. I'll have a dinky room that will mostly be storage space, but hopefully I'll be inspired to decorate and create something lovely!


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