Sunday, 22 May 2011

My Latest Love Affair

I'm such a floozie. I don't mean to be, it's just in my blood and no matter what I do I can't resist. The smallest bit of flirtation in my direction, and I'm hooked - triggering off yet another round of delicious little flutterings in my tummy.

Do you blame me? How could anyone not love the new Sherbet Pips collection... What a little tease. so fresh and crisp. Utterly delightful - I'm just loving the touches of red amongst the pinks and blues.

As for Prince Charming from Tula Pink.... Well! I am totally smitten. this new range is just too darn good looking for it's own safety. Fabulous designs in the most incredible range of colours. I'm so in love, it's scary.

This is fabric flirting of the worst kind. Just how do you choose which one to pledge your allegiance to?

And... It doesn't end there..... Oh no! The crafty little prince has still got a courting charm up his sleeve -

Laminates! Did you hear that? Laminates.... Pass the smelling salts quick, I'm having one of my turns.

(Picking myself up from my swoon). I know realise I may be in the grips of another obsession... Lusting for laminates. I'm not too sure I like the moniker - I'm an old-fashioned girl, and far prefer the gentle name Oilcloth. Onwards and upwards, I must move with the times and embrace this new term.

A very brief dalliance with Google Images returned these little beauties on page 1...

Ooh - I must shake off the lust and actually do something today.

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