Monday, 23 May 2011

A Little Bit of London

Next month I get to go to London again. I don't get the opportunity very often, and like to make the most of it. On my last visit I did the V&A Museum from top to bottom. By the end of it I was footsore and culturally exhausted, but it was just fabulous.

This tapestry was incredible... He I am sat - for ages listening all about it, and soaking in the glorious detail. The lady in the red dress was my favourite part.

At every turn there were things to gasp at. Even the light fitting was a little bit special....

This dinky little hut would have been a London home in the past, up on stilts to keep it out of the stinky streets. (at least I hope that's what it is - I could be rewriting history, ha ha.

Recognise this frock?

Princess Di looked so beautiful in it.

I had to stop and stare at the glovely loveliness in this shop window, and pause to admire the front of the Liberty store. (Thats hubby smiling with the rucksacks).

And after a day of tramping the pavements... A night out to watch...

Bon Jovi!!! And best birthday pressie ever - we were offered a free upgrade from the £30 cheap seats, to the 2nd row in the middle £500 front ones. That will never happen again.

All in all - not bad for a weekend away.

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