Friday, 27 May 2011

Boston Freedom Trail

Got your walking shoes on? Never mind.... Let's meander around the Boston Freedom trail in pictures.

Ashamed to say I've forgotten most of the historical stuff!

I just love this photo of the steeple against the sky...

I'm fascinated by architecture and couldn't resist snapping this feature...

Was charmed by the name of this bank - and what would five cents get you nowadays?

Love this shot combining the old and the new - a famous landmark, all but swallowed up by the modernity around....

Rather proud of this shot...

Should you ever get the chance to go to Boston, whatever you do don't miss this treat.... Foodie heaven

Was captivated by this architecture

One of the most poignant memorials I have ever seen - a dog tag hanging for every US serviceman lost in the Iraq war. Simple - just listening to the tags rustling in the breeze made my spine tingle.

Hmm - wonder if it is?

One of the prettiest shop windows - sadly I could afford nothing inside, extortion comes to mind. (those fab cowboy boots were $700!)


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